The Gospel

Means good news!  The bad news, you need to know is that by nature, you were born sinful.  To prove it, simply ask yourself if you have ever done any of these things:  Lied (even small ones), stolen(anything), lusted (for anybody), hated (anyone), coveted (wanted something that was somebody else's) or loved God imperfectly---even once.  

If we are honest, (our conscience always is), we have sinned against God, have been found guilty, and are on our way to judgment.  That is the bad news.

The good news, the gospel is that Jesus Christ came to earth, having taken on human flesh, suffering death on the cross for the sin of all humanity.  Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death and securing life for all who would simply acknowledge their sin before God. 

By placing trust in Jesus, as the one who suffered the punishment for the sins each of us has committed, we are saying, "I acknowledge that I deserve punishment for my sin, but I am putting my trust in the fact that Jesus loved me enough to take my place, I want to received the gift of eternal life, that is, going to heaven after I die, instead of hell, which I truly deserve."

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